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[Adonthell-artwork] Grass tile

Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Grass tile
From: "Kai Sterker"
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 13:54:25 -0800
I sort of wasn't motivated enough to do more coding, so I sat down
trying to make some new graphics instead. First result is a basic
grass tile with long blades of grass. Not sure if I got the
perspective right, so it might require some tweaking.

I'd also like to make one with shorter grass and the neccessary
transitions between the two. That should make some interesting ground
for the lowlands area around Waste's Edge.

Depending on time and mood, I then might go on to add graphics for
trails and roads, stuff like flowers or mushrooms that can be combined
with the grass tiles for further diversity.

In the long term, I'd also like to add lake/river tiles, forest floor
and so on. Help and comments are welcome, of course.

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