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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Artwork style

Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Artwork style
From: "Kai Sterker"
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 20:24:20 +0100
On 1/29/07, Oncil Rexon <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey Colin,

Do the character graphics really have to be 40x80?
What about 20x40? (I work better with smaller pictures)
hm ... our original idea was to double the resolution from 320x240 to
640x480 while keeping the visuals more or less the same size.
Therefore we would have to increase the size of the graphics.

So characters which used to be 20x30 went to 40x80. Creating and
animating those can be more of a hassle than with the lower resolution
(hence my suggestion to render instead of drawing pixel by pixel).

Here are a couple of suggestions (in no particular order):

* Do some characters based on the human male template, to get more
comfortable with the larger size.
* Start with the Dwarves, which would be somewhat smaller in size to
begin with (about 40x60).
* Deviate from the original plan and do smaller character graphics
(maybe 30x60 might be a compromise here that would still allow a bit
more detail in the larger resolution).
* Do basic shape and animation with Blender and just do the finishing
touches on a pixel by pixel basis (kinda like working from the
template character, but it would be easier to come up with additional
shapes and animations from there.)

Would any of these work for you? What does the rest of the team think?


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