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[Adonthell-artwork] Swamp creatures

Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Swamp creatures
From: James Nash
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:41:08 +0000
Right, I finally got my sketches scanned!

These are just a few swamp creatures I drew while I was on a train a little while ago.
First off there's "the giant tentacle from some kind of underwater
swamp-monster" and "the living plant vines that entangle their prey"
without which no scary swamp or forest is complete :D

The next monster is called a Twiglet (ok, we'll probably have to change that to comply with trademark laws! :P) - it lives in the undergrowth of the forest (where it is well camouflaged) and is usually very shy. If provoked it will attack however. Twiglets are especially vulnerable to fire spells and weapons.

Next is the Poglin. Poglins live in the swamp and do not like strangers wandering in their swamp waters. Poglins often attack in packs. (btw, Poglins are a little personal in-joke for the game - they are a little homage to one of my favourite childhood toys: Boglins - http://www.yowiemaggi.com/boglins/boglins_index.htm !! Hope you don't mind! :P)

This next creature doesn't have a name yet. It's quite a large and dangerous monster. It has a slimy skin (a bit like a toad or frog) and the slime that it secretes is highly poisonous so physical contact should be avoided at all costs. Its weakness is that it can never venture far from the water since it needs to be able to suck moisture from the ground to prevent it from drying out. As such it is vulnerable against any kind of heat (eg: fire spells)

And finally we have the Guemull (which roughly means "monster" in Korean). Guemull are odd looking creatures that wander forest paths. They mostly look quite harmless and will approach you with the innocent curiosity of a child, but beware - they have an enormous mouth and like to swallow unsuspecting prey whole! Guemulls are mostly green and not especially strong, however they have the curious property that if one Guemull swallows another it turns red and becomes much stronger (as if it absorbs the strength of the one it has eaten). If you allow this to happen you will be faced with a formidable enemy!

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