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[Activetcl] Window creation and Tix

Subject: [Activetcl] Window creation and Tix
From: "Michael A. Brooke"
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 10:00:42 -0400
Hello Group,

I have been trying to clean up some old tcl code I have about and decided to try and create a clean Window creation procedure(s). So of course I went to the Wiki and starting looking for some examples of the best way to do this.

While I was doing this I came across alot of references to Tix. I have found the Tix is not part of the ActiveTcl packages.

But I do have a verision of Tix 8.1.8 that I found in the debian testing archives.

I found the web page but it is very sparse.  So I have two questions.

1) Is Tix an old package that has been replace by something else.

2) Does anyone know or suggest a good Window creation package.

I do mind starting from scratch, but if it is not necessary why?

Mike Brooke
Director POS Development
Magstar Inc.

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