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Re: accessing MySQL via Perl

Subject: Re: accessing MySQL via Perl
From: Jeff Griffiths
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 11:07:28 -0800

Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- WGO wrote:
I get "DBI connect<'club','gjwpp88',..> failed; Client does not
support authentication protocol requested by server"

Any ideas?

This probably means that the DBD-mysql package you have
wasn't compiled against mysql-4.1. We have such a
package at
for ActivePerl 8xx, and
for 6xx, which was compiled against 4.1; see if that

        Randy hit it on the head. I had the very same problem and went to the 
dbi doc page and found near the end of the doc the info about Randy's url and 
that we could load. I did that and now Perl and MySQL were happy and working.

Wags ;)

And just to clarify: the versions of DBD::mysql that are available from ActiveState's PPM servers will not work with MySQL 4.1 or 5.0, as we have yet to update the MySQL client libraries in our build system.

My best suggestion is to use Randy's build instead, I did some quick tests and had no problem connecting to v.4.1, 4.0, or 3.23 servers.

cheers, JeffG
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