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FTP Problem

Subject: FTP Problem
From: Ted Yu
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 14:44:58 -0800 PST
> Hi there:
> I'm having a serious problem with the FTP function for Active State
Perl.  The
> code I am using is as follows:
> $ftp = Net::FTP->new("$ftp_server_name", Debug => 0) ||
> $ftp->login("$ftp_user","$ftp_pass");
> $ftp->type("A");
> $ftp->put("$upload_filename");
> $ftp->quit;
> It is unable to FTP .XLS or .DBF files (it can FTP .TXT and .CSV files just fine).  The .DBF and .XLS files that are sent through this > FTP function are unreadable.  I have used internet explorer to FTP
the same
> and they are fine.  Let me know if there is another FTP function I
can use, or
> if the latest version of ActiveState Perl has a fix for this.  Just
wanted to
> get a solution for this, cause it seems like an obvious bug with the
program !
> that I purchased.
> Thanks,
> Ted
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