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Subject: [ACQAO-CI] [Fwd: ARC results]
From: "Ruth Evelyn Wilson"
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 15:51:20 +1000 EST
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Subject: ARC results
From:    "Hans Bachor" <[email protected]>
Date:    Thu, September 27, 2007 12:31 am
To:      "Ruth Wilson" <[email protected]>

To all ACQAO CIs

Dear friends

The ARC results for this year have been announced - and it is good to see
that ACQAO had some success. I would like to to congratulate Peter
Drummond and Q. He  at UQ,  Chris Ticknor at SUT and Simon Chilkowski (
from Germany) for their success in obtaining fellowships. This is a great
recognition of their research work and vision for the future.  We also
have positive news for John Hedditch at UQ, who is part of a Discovery
grant and to all who our success in obtaining a LIEF grant, which will be
shared between ANU, SUT and UQ.

This has been a tough round in the ARC.  I noticed that the success in
physics across the country seems to be low , while there are many grants
in astronomy and also mathematics and in many of the more applied areas. 
This could be related to the significant number of COEs in physics ,
compraed to these other fields. While we are highly regarded there is
probably still some believe within the present ARC that COEs should be
self sufficient. We have not managed to broaden ACQAO significantly
through individual Discovery grants.

To those who did not get their grant application approved I would like say
that you have the strong support of ACQAO and your home university. We are
fortunate to be in the good position that we can continue our work for
another three years and help all our CIs to set up their individual
research careers and to form future research alliances.  ACQAO continues
to be an outstanding success and the proud representative of quantum-atom
optics in Australia

Soon the project leaders will me meeting in Canberra for a two day
planning meeting to discuss our joint science plans and also the budgets
for the next three years.  Ruth will be organizing the details of this
meeting. There we will follow the guidelines which we have given ourselves
as a Cetre in April - and I will advise you soon how you can help to
prepare our future research plan.

with best regards ( from the US)



hans bachor

research director ACQAO

travelling at the moment and responding via web-mail

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