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Re: News about the macro archive

Subject: Re: News about the macro archive
From: Guido Draheim
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:58:56 +0100

Peter Simons wrote:
> [Note: No technical points in here. I am just flaming.]
> [...]
> They can. And unlike some other archive, the gnu.org
> installation doesn't need a special tool to access the
> macros once they are installed but works just fine with
> aclocal(1). I'm sure you'll find some serious praise for
> that achievement.

hoorrraayyy, just the thing I did stop doing almost
four  years ago when I did notice it was the wrong
thing to do. ;-)=)

May be I should not count all the flames you did in less
than 24h, it seems pretty much the world was the target.
And glancing over the deeds it does not seem that attempts
in cooperating with you does result in a nice experience.

I am heavily consumed with other projects at the
moment, I'll check the details later - the mails had been
quite lengthy lately, ye know, and most of it looks like
a waste of time if held at some distance.

-- cheers, guido

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