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Re: News about the macro archive

Subject: Re: News about the macro archive
From: Peter Simons
Date: 28 Jan 2005 00:42:53 +0100
Alexandre Duret-Lutz writes:

 > We all understood Peter knows he's right, so let's move
 > up.

Uh huh. Let's reduce everything I have been saying to me
just wanting to be right. There really hasn't been ANY
substance at all. How comfortable.

 > If you need a liar [...].

Just a thought: when someone is making statements that are
factually untrue, there is a pretty obvious alternative to
the assumption that he is lying. I don't know why Tom
brought that I-called-him-a-liar thing up.

 > BTW Peter, htmldoc/{*.html,*.css,*.jpg} is not a portable
 > construct. You cannot assume brace expansion in POSIX
 > shells.

Fixed. Thanks.


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